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Mentor Requirements

Preparation — Be sure that everything is ready before your mentee arrives, especially with respect to your mentee’s project and anyone who will help supervise it.

Adequate Time — Your mentee must be able to meet with you and/or someone you oversee regularly.

Approachability — Your mentee must be able to approach you with questions and concerns.

Thoughtful Project Selection — Your mentee’s project should be manageable to complete in nine-weeks, but challenging enough to serve as a learning experience.

Alignment of Interests — Your research agenda should align with your mentee’s interests.

Willingness to Prioritize the Mentee’s Growth — Unlike graduate students and research assistants, an undergraduate mentee’s project should aim to help them master skills and concepts even if it means they may not advance your research agenda.

Flexibility and Growth — The needs of a mentee change over time


Mentor Guides:

Guide To Mentoring Undergraduates In A Virtual Summer Research And Professional Development Program



Interested in becoming a mentor?

Please contact:

Victoria Flores, PhD
Associate Director

For more information, please see our Program Summary